Dražen Petrović was born in Šibenik October 22, 1964. Raised along side big brother Aleksandar by parents Biserka and Jole Petrović, Dražen had a happy childhood. He enjoyed many activities including time in a chorus and long summer days on the seaside in his hometown of Šibenik.

He discovered basketball following the footsteps of his brother and his passion grew into a fanatical devotion. While he would play regularly with his friends on the local open basketball court, he spent countless hours alone in the same spot refining his shooting skills. In his quest for continuous improvement, he drew admiration and respect from his peers, coaches and growing legions of fans. This set the stage for his pioneering career that followed soon after.

Dražen’s serious approach to the game was sometimes camouflaged by his wide and sincere smile. But as his skills improved so did the expectations he put on himself. His personal drive developed into fine leadership skills on the court and translated into many defeats for opposing teams. From his breakthrough performances in Croatia with Šibenka and Cibona to representing his homeland in international competition, Dražen became known as the Croatian Mozart. A title he earned by turning basketball into an artform.

He set new standards for the game across borders, first in Spain for Real Madrid and later with the Portland Trail Blazers and the New Jersey Nets of the NBA. Fans stood up to take notice of the mighty “Petro”. However, his legend is now frozen in time.

He died in a car accident on June 7 1993, on the highway near the German town of Ingolstadt, one day after his last game in a Croatian national team jersey at the qualification tournament for the European championship in Wroclaw.